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Volume Flow Rate Unit Conversion Calculator

Type values into the field.

cubic metre per secondm3 s-1
cubic metre per minutem3 min-1
cubic metre per hourm3 h-1
litre per secondl s-1
litre per minutel min-1
litre per hourl h-1
cubic foot per secondft3 s-1
cubic foot per minuteft3 min-1
cubic foot per hourft3 h-1
Imperial gallons per secondgal s-1
Imperial gallons per minutegal min-1
Imperial gallons per hourgal h-1
US gallons per secondgal s-1
US gallons per minutegal min-1
US gallons per hourgal h-1

Note: conversions are only valid under the same conditions of temperature and pressure.

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The transfer of a volume of substance per unit of time.