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Vickers Hardness and SI Units MPa and GPa Conversion Calculator

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There is now a trend towards reporting Vickers hardness in SI units (MPa or GPa) particularly in academic papers. Unfortunately, this can cause confusion. Vickers hardness (e.g. HV/30) value should normally be expressed as a number only (without the units kgf/mm2). Rigorous application of SI is a problem. Most Vickers hardness testing machines use forces of 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 50 and 100 kgf and tables for calculating HV. SI would involve reporting force in newtons (compare 700 HV/30 to HV/294 N = 6.87 GPa) which is practically meaningless and messy to engineers and technicians. To convert a Vickers hardness number the force applied needs converting from kgf to newtons and the area needs converting from mm2 to m2 to give results in pascals using the formula below.

HV = Vickers hardness

To convert HV to MPa multiply by 9.807
To convert HV to GPa multiply by 0.009807

To use the conversion calculator simply enter a number value into the desired field and click calculate. All results shown will be equivalent values. Values are given to four significant figures (the odd result may show 9's or 0's over running). Values of 10 000 or greater will be displayed in the e-format e.g. 2.3456e7 which equals 2.3456 x 107 or 23 456 000. Values lower than 0.001 will be displayed in the e-format e.g. 2.3456e-5 which equals 2.3456 x 10-5 or 0.000 023456. The calculators require that your browser has java script enabled.