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Kinematic Viscosity Unit Conversion Calculator

Type values into the field.

square metre per secondm2 s-1
square centimetre per secondcm2 s-1
square millimetre per secondmm2 s-1
square inch per secondin2 s-1
square inch per minutein2 min-1
square inch per hourin2 h-1
square foot per secondft2 s-1
square foot per minuteft2 min-1
square foot per hourft2 h-1
poise cubic foot per poundP ft3 lb-1

Note: poise (P) is a unit of dynamic viscosity (g cm-1 s-1) which in the above table is divided by density (lb ft-3). The use of such mixed units is certainly not recommended.

Additional tool:



Dynamic viscosity divided by the density of the liquid; this gives a quantity which depends only on the type of the liquid, independent of its concentration or density. The quotient has units length squared divided by time.